Oxfam’s moving virtual reality film, Evelyn’s Story, tells the story of Evelyn, an 11-year-old girl from Turkana in northern Kenya. Turkana is the poorest county in Kenya and the Turkana are often called “the forgotten people”.

“Evelyn’s story, told so powerfully through this VR film, is in equal parts confronting, transformative and ultimately hopeful.”

Dr Helen Szoke, Chief Executive, Oxfam Australia

When Oxfam visited Evelyn, her family and community were facing an extreme water crisis, only getting access to clean water for about two hours every eight days, if at all. If they managed to get some clean water, it would only last a day or two. They’d then have no choice but to use whatever water they could find, which caused serious waterborne diseases like diarrhoea and cholera.

All donations support Oxfam’s life-saving work around the world, helping communities like Evelyn’s lift themselves out of poverty and thrive.

While the situation is dire, by the end of the film Evelyn’s community celebrates when clean water is pumped from a solar-powered water system for the first time. Oxfam worked with the local community, government and partners to build this water system, providing around 15,000 people with clean and safe water.

This film shows the incredible impact Oxfam can make with the help of our generous supporters around the globe.

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